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Michelle L'Esperance, Midwife & Doula

Do you know deep in your bones that birth matters?

Do you want to accompany birthers and babies as they have

a more beautiful, safe, memorable birth journey?

Welcome to Birth Work.

Become a Birth Doula with Warm Welcome

Support families in having the births they dream of

The Call

Do you dream of helping families have better births - on their own terms? Do you know deep in your bones that birth matters?

Welcome to the Work!

As a birth doula, you will apply your intuition, strength, calming presence, spirit of encouragement and practical knowledge of comfort measures to make birth smoother and easier for growing families.

Who can become a doula?

The role of the doula is a non-medical one, and can be filled by any compassionate, sensitive, willing person who has the experience and/or training to support the family. Warm Welcome has trained doulas ages 16-65+, those who are parents and those who have never birthed. After the workshop, participants begin attending births.

Ripple Effects

The effects of doula care are long-lasting, profound, and measurable. Studies show an increase in rates of vaginal birth, less need for medical interventions, less requests for pain meds, higher rates of parent satisfaction, and more.


To become a Certified Birth Doula, participants must attend all days of the workshop, read 4 books from the reading list, attend a childbirth ed class, and document attendance at 4 births. You have 2 years from the last day of the workshop to send in your certification application.

Workshop and Mentoring with Warm Welcome

Warm Welcome Birth Services offers premium

Birth and Postpartum Doula Training in New England.

One of very few programs nationwide which is designed and taught by a Certified Professional Midwife, this training has been a starting point for many doulas and midwives

from all walks of life.

Dozens have gone on to become midwives, nurses, or OB/GYNs.

"I am so inspired!

I love the way you listen, teach, move, and see BIRTH. I feel so honored to have had four days with you focusing on women...

I thank you deeply for all you have shared."

Nina, a new birth doula

Warm Welcome offers discounts for early registration, partial scholarships for BIPOC and some people who plan to use their language and doula skills in service of under-resourced populations.

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