Doulas... Heart & Hands

Do you dream of helping families have better births- on their own terms? Do you know deep in your bones that birth matters? Do you want to help women & babies have a more beautiful, safe, memorable birth journey? Are you called to support families after the baby has arrived, easing the transition for the new family?

Welcome to the work!

As a doula, you will lend your intuition, strength, calming presence, spirit of encouragement, and practical knowledge of comfort measures to improve birth and the newborn weeks for women and families. The effects are wonderful and long-lasting; including shorter labors, easier bonding, and more positive feelings between the parents.

The role of the doula is a non-medical one, and as such can be fulfilled by any compassionate, sensitive, willing person who has the experience and/or training to support the family.

Warm Welcome Birth Services offers premium Birth and Postpartum Doula Training in New England. One of the very few programs nationwide which is designed and taught by a Certified Professional Midwife, the Warm Welcome training has been a starting point for many doulas and aspiring midwives from all walks of life. Dozens have gone on to become midwives, nurses, or OB/GYNs.

Several doula training workshops, including continuing education, will be taught in the coming year- join my mailing list for first notification, or see current calendar here.

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Imagine if your job and your passion were one & the same... your work can be a delightful honor.

"I am so inspired! I love the way you listen, teach, move, and see BIRTH. I feel so honored to have had four days with you focusing on women...I thank you deeply for all you have shared." -Nina

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Doulas, also known as "professional childbirth support," work in cooperation with doctors and midwives to enhance the birthing experience. The role of the doula is not a medical one; it encompasses the more personal aspects of birth. Numerous studies have shown that the presence of a trained doula at birth has remarkable results, including:

- 50% fewer cesarean sections

- 60% fewer requests for epidurals

- 50% fewer instrumental deliveries (forceps, vacuum)

- 40% reduction in use of Pitocin (an artificial hormone)

- First time moms' labor averages two hours less!

-Mothers and babies bond better

-Parents' bond is enhanced

- More successful breastfeeding