Speedy Birth for Doulas

Precipitous Birth: Active labor leading to delivery in three hours or less.

While more common in women who have vaginally birthed previously, even first-time mothers or VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) mothers sometimes birth precipitously. Hopefully there is time to travel safely to the mother's planned place of birth.

Whether the speedy birth occurs in hospital, or baby is in such a hurry that s/he arrives at home or en route without experienced assistance, the doula has a crucial role to play.

This full-day workshop covers the special comfort and safety measures that every doula should know in case of precipitous birth, including basic emergency childbirth and newborn care skills.

Participants must have successfully completed a doula training workshop. Tuition covers a full day of instruction with midwife Michelle L'Esperance, CPM, and course materials.

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Past Participants Say:

"It [having taken the Speedy Birth workshop] does make me feel more confident as a doula because in an emergency setting, I'd feel capable of safely catching a baby and keeping the mother and baby warm and safe until more qualified help arrived." - Liza Prieto

"Speedy Birth for Doulas helped me feel confident enough to begin doula work. In a relaxed and convivial setting we talked about precipitous birth in all its forms- made me really aware of the force that is birth, and made me feel more prepared for any eventuality. We also got to hear from a speedy birth mom who told her story with honesty and grace, which was fantastically helpful. " - Hannah Simms

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