One of the features that distinguishes the Warm Welcome Doula Training from other trainings is that, in addition to having 4 days learning from a midwife, you also have the option of continuing contact after the Workshop.

All workshop attendees are invited to join the Warm Welcome Online Doula Community, which is a private email group that will keep you up-to-date and inspired with useful information. I stay in touch with past graduates of the course this way, sharing new insights and posing questions about real-life doula practice for the group to discuss. Graduates of the course share birth stories (confidentially), network for backup arrangements, share resources and articles of interest, and continue to nourish the connections they made with their sister doulas in the workshop.

"Hi, Michelle!

Went in on my 2nd delivery yesterday, it was great, the doc even said I did great and wants my business cards for the office. It felt really good. I can't thank you enough for what you taught me- I LOVE my job!" Nadia Bock

A private telephone mentoring session is offered at no additional charge, supporting you as you make connections with your first clients and begin attending births.

With the Warm Welcome Online Community and follow-up mentoring sessions, you are not alone as you begin your practice! Enjoy the encouragement and support of others who have made it through the 'first-birth jitters'... and before long, you'll be sharing tips & tricks with the new crop of doulas!

Mentoring is also available for any doula who is launching her practice, regardless of her training or background. A six-hour package of individual telephone consultation (includes business development, website design suggestions, birth de-briefing, skills review, and more), good for one year, is available for $495. Email for more information.

"I wanted to thank you. Before the birth I was so nervous... But throughout the entire labor little gems from the training just kept coming to me: different positions, things to try and do, things to say. The midwife, Ruth Riley, was totally surprised that it was my

first birth! 

I am feeling very blessed to be learning the skills to help families in this way. I will be visiting the parents on Friday when they come back from the hospital, and I am excited to use some of the skills from the postpartum workshop. So thank you thank you thank you!"