Creative Movement for Birth

This class draws on the body wisdom of yoga and dance, offering pregnant women the opportunity to learn practical techniques for a smoother, easier birth. In this class, women and their partners will learn how to use pillows, birth balls, chairs, birth dance, and the physical support of their partner and/or doula during birth. Creative Movement for Birth is the ideal supplement to childbirth education classes, and is useful no matter what your birth plans may be.

Learn simple techniques which contribute to:

-Increased relaxation and comfort during labor

-Correction of posterior and asynclitic presentations that can otherwise lead to back labor or stalled labor

-Improving baby's position for quicker progress in labor, and

-Helping baby move more smoothly and easily into the world.

Preregistration is appreciated, and enrollment is limited to ensure that participants receive individual attention. All are welcome; homebirthers, those birthing in any hospital with any practice. Partners, friends, and doulas (with a client) are welcome.

Email with any questions and to reserve a space.

Think of it as a fun learning lab for your birth, complete with birth balls, rebozos, laughter, and juicy insights into the birth process.

Fee $30 individual/ $45 pair; full and partial scholarships available. Free for those 13 weeks of pregnancy or earlier (1st trimester).

These classes often fill. Dress comfortably, as you might for a yoga class. Bring a blanket or yoga mat, and 2 pillows. Click here for dates, locations, and registration.

"Michelle's class was a perfect complement to the traditional classes we took at the hospital. It helped to prepare me and my partner for the challenges of labor. Michelle has great insight into the journey that the body and mind take during labor and delivery. With the use of different positioning techniques and the birthing tub I was able to endure an intense natural childbirth without medications. I also felt prepared for the different thoughts and emotions that I experienced during the labor process. We highly recommend her class." Leilani Kidder, Family Nurse Practitioner

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