Doula Training & Mentoring - with Warm Welcome Birth Services
Better Cesarean Birth/VBAC 
continuing ed for doulas/childbirth ed for parents

I am passionate & committed to natural birth as the healthiest pathway for most mothers and babies. I also believe that those who birth by cesarean deserve exquisite, conscious, compassionate care. Co-creating a positive cesarean birth experience yields great emotional/spiritual benefit for the family, as well as supporting healthier, smoother physical recovery. We'll spend the morning delving into the many ways to improve the cesarean experience for mothers, babies and partners- whether it's scheduled or arises in labor.

VBAC- Vaginal Birth After Cesarean
Families who are planning a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean have a different set of questions and concerns than first-time parents or those who have birthed vaginally before. Learn how to support and empower women who are preparing for a VBAC, special techniques for physical and emotional challenges that may arise in labor, and how to maximize the likelihood of a joyful healthy vaginal birth.

Continuing education class for birth doulas. Doulas must have completed a birth doula training. Also open to parents preparing for a birth after cesarean.   

Scholarships available for parents.